Android app for diabetes management


Diab is a smart open-source application that helps you manage your diabetes by keeping track of your glucose values and insulin injections.


Keep track of your glucose values

Keep all your glucose readings and related insulin injections dosages handy by archiving them in the app so you can easily find them whenever you want.

Insulin suggestions

Once you’ve gathered enough data inside the app, you’ll be able to build your own insulin suggestion plugin basing for smart and context-aware hints.

The plugin is created by using a machine-learning model created with data from the app which is tested against a wide set of possible scenarios.

Beware that this is feature can cause serious injuries if misused. Do not blindly rely on it nor take it as medical advice.

Easily share your records

It’s possible to export your data as a simple electronic file sheet so you can easily share it to your doctor or consult it on your own computer.

Note: Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc or Google Sheets are required to open the exported file

Fitness Services integration

Optionally, sync your data with your fitness service (Google Fit is available at the time of writing) to better coordinate health tracking on your device.

Note: this feature may not be available oss-only builds


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